Quintonia came about partly from the energies of the Quintasensual festival that I started in 2014 – there were and still are many chats around ways to create a supportive and welcoming queer community, especially when people may be separated by great distances.GayZ - Second life

I stumbled upon virtual worlds many years ago and have played around on and off, initially creating a gay hangout zone in Second Life and later discovering the joy of being able to run my own worlds through OpenSimulator.

Now feels like a time when ideas and projects are starting to gel and I find I have time to focus on this and related projects, and so out of this has emerged the start with "Queer Virtual Worlds" - currently just Quintonia but open to the possibilities to grow and develop.

Virtual Worlds

Quintonia is an experiment, but then most things are! I look forward to seeing how it develops and welcome all feedback, after all, that’s what community is all about.



hg.osgrid.org:Sandy Island

hg.osgrid.org:Julian Beach


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