Chapter 2 - Start here

2.1 Setting Up

(A) Opensim - Versions and configuration

The Quintonia edition of the SatyrFarm has been built and tested to work on opensim versions onwards. It supports both XEngine and YEngine. Anything that uses physics will have a note to tell you if it is designed for one particular type or can auto-sense the physics engine.

(B) Setting Standard Permissions

Before using (or even rezing) any parts of this system in your region, you should ensure that you have the correct permissions for the required OSSL functions by editing the settings in the osslEnable.ini file (in config-include foleder) If you do not have access to this file you will need to get your region host to change them for you.

Details on osslEnable.ini

First change the ‘parcel macros’ lines to:

;osslParcelO = ""
;osslParcelOG = ""
osslParcelO = "PARCEL_OWNER,"

Then add/edit the various function levels to:

; ThreatLevel  VeryLow
Allow_osSetDynamicTextureDataBlendFace = ${OSSL|osslParcelOG}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER

; ThreatLevel  Low
Allow_osMessageObject = ${OSSL|osslParcelOG}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER

; ThreatLevel  High
Allow_osMakeNotecard = ${OSSL|osslParcelOG}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER

; ThreatLevel  VeryHigh
Allow_osGetNotecard = ${OSSL|osslParcelOG}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER

Next, to make sure everything works as it should, change your active group to match that of the parcel that your farm is in. You should make sure all farm items are set to that group.

(C) Setting Permissions for NPC Farmer

If you plan to use any NPC Farmers then the following additional settings are required:

; ThreatLevel  Moderate

Also edit your OpenSim.ini

Enabled = true

If you are getting permission errors make sure the above permissions are correctly set. You can get an OSSL Tester box at the Farm shop on Mintor- rez this and it will check things are set up okay.

If you have any problems setting the above up, please do use the Quintonia forums or Discord server to get assistance.

You can get an OSSL Tester box at the Farm shop on Mintor - rez this and it will check things are set up okay.

Next, to make sure everything works as it should, change your active group to match that of parcel that you will rez the platform in. Anyone that is a member of that group will be able to interact with the farm. If you want to allow anyone to use the farm, you can remove the group i.e. set to ‘none’.

(D) Selecting languages

This guide and the default settings for all items is to use UK English, however you can change the language items use from the @ button on menus. If your preferred language is not shown, perhaps you can help us by adding to the list at

We are also grateful if anyone wishes to translate this guide into other languages.


2.2 Starting Out

(A) Rez the first platform

Okay, so now we are ready to rez platform 1 (found in box 1) The platforms all show you what size they will be when you rez them, so find a suitable space for platform 1 (that’s all we will be rezzing to start with).

A good idea can be to press CTRL 3 first, which activates the building Edit tool, so when you rez the platform everything will be selected and you can easily reposition it if necessary.

This platform contains everything you will need to get started and start learning how things work.

1 SF Wind Pump
2 SF Water Tower
3 SatyrFarm Well
4 SF Square Field
5 SF Small Field
6 SF Feeder
7 SF Basic Storage
8 SatyrFarm Kitchen
9 SF Pig Feeder
10 SF NPC-Farmer Controller
11 Info box

(B) Prepare for your first animals

A basic farm needs only a SatyrFarm Well and the SF Feeder and then it’s almost ready for certain animals (i.e. ones that can eat grass). Before we add our first animals, you may notice that the grass feeders are showing “DRINK WATER LOW” so we need to top them up. To do that touch/left click on the well and you will see a bucket of water appear.

If you now touch the bucket it will move towards you and then follow you as you walk about. So head over until you are standing next to one of the feeder barrels with the water bucket also near it. Touch the feeder and you will get a menu with various options. For now, just click on the button marked Add Water. The water will empty from the bucket into the feeder and you will see the levels increase and now it says that the grass needs watering.

Get another bucket from the well and this time when you touch the feeder for the menu, select Water Grass and after a few seconds you should have some lush grass and no more red warning text over the feeder. You might also notice that the well is showing the level as 80% - each time we take a bucket of water, the level drops and then it will slowly fill back up over time.

When we add animals, they will drink the water from the feeder, plus eat the grass so it will be up to you to keep topping up the water. As your farm grows, this may start to take up way to much of your time so there is a way to make life simpler!

I’m sure you have noticed the wind pump and water tower? The wind pump draws water from the ground and feeds it into the nearest water tower. The water tower can then be used to automatically provide water for things that need it (at the moment just our feeder).

If you touch the second grass feeder to get the menu, you will see a button marked +AutoWater If you click this it will turn on the auto watering feature and the feeder will try to find a water tower within range (around a 90m radius) Once it finds the water tower you will see it automatically fills up. As long as there is enough water in the water tower your feeder will now never need you to add water to it – makes life easier for you doesn't it! You might want to select that option for the first feeder.

As your farm grows, you may need to add more water towers but we will cover that in more detail later on as for now, there should be plenty of water available.

(C) Add your first animals

In your inventory open the Platform 1 folder you will see an item called SF Animal Rezzer – Quintonia-V5.0

You can either rez this to the ground or select to wear it (it will be worn as a HUD), whichever you prefer.

The animal rezzer is where animals come from initially. It’s also used to update animals when new updated scripts are released.

If you have rezzed it, move it to where you would like your animal to appear (ideally next to one of the grass feeders). If you are wearing it as a HUD, the animal will be rezzed at your feet, so stand where you wish the animal to appear.

Touch the HUD/box to get the menu and select the Rez… button. There are a lot of animals to choose from but only certain ones eat grass so we will just start with those. Let’s start with a Cow. When you rez it, give it a few seconds to initialize and then you will see a happy cow!

Note that your cow may be a different colour – some animals have ‘genetics’!

When your animals become adult, you can mate them so you may choose to rez another cow in anticipation of that time!

By default, the rezzer will alternate between producing male and female animals but you can change it to be random if you prefer from the options button.

You may also wish to rez a couple more animals – choose from goats or sheep (since both can eat from the grass feeder.)

So now you have your basic farm set up, the animals will eat from the feeders (which are getting water from the water tower) and will grow day by day until they become adults.

Congratulations, you are now officially a SatyrFarmer!


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