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Quintonia regions are queer friendly virtual worlds. They are a great place to hang out, share, build and enjoy with a strong focus on using the ‘Quintopia’ virtual farming, gardening and life simulation system! You can easily link your avatar from any grid after you register, so you can start enjoying the fun right away!

Cris creado el nuevo tema ' cocina no funciona' en el foro. 4 hours 26 minutes ago

Hola buenas tardes, quería saber si hay alguna actualización de la cocina que va con leña, porque en la q3 sigue sin funcionar, tengo un terreno medieval y la moderna funciona con kw y eso no me interesa, gracias

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We now have our own grid

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Scarlett Candor replied to the topic 'Problem with Bread' in the forum. 2 days ago

thanks for your answer:

That worked. ;)
Many Thanks.

Then I'll do the trade, just about storage ;)


Scarlett Candor created a new topic ' Produkt an Avatar?' in the forum. 2 days ago


sorry, i have another question

The config says products on avatar possible..

As a result, I created an axe.
Configuration :

#(Optional) Name of target such as Table, Keg store or avatar if interacts directly with avatar


with the usual script and configs

Ax is not attached nor found...

Or is there another setting for this?

Greetings Scarlett


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Scarlett Candor replied to the topic 'Problem with Bread' in the forum. 3 days ago

Hello buzzy,

Thank you for your answer.

They write: . For the nutrition values you can either set them in the config notecard or by editing the DATA_USERVALS notecard in your HUD

Config in bread is not recognized.
config in Hud with the DATA_USERVALS active - YES

Storage and OSMoney stocked with new bread.
Storage accepts new baked bread from oven.
Storage says about the bread bought from...


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