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Quintonia regions are queer friendly virtual worlds and part of the OSgrid. They are a great place to hang out, share, build and enjoy with a strong focus on using the ‘QuinLife’ virtual farming, gardening and life simulation system! You can easily link your avatar from any grid after you register, so you can start enjoying the fun right away!

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Bongmaster replied to the topic 'Opensim binaries' in the forum. 10 hours 15 minutes ago

thanks for the info :) i do have a diva install running atm on my own server. its a shame diva isnt as up to date as the rest of things :) i did set my server up on a hosting from scratch and am using mysql i think or sqlite, i forget atm xD (phpmyadmin interface) from what i remember my OS version is, but the diva distro of it has animesh missing for some reason. but appears to be the only one stable for me to use NPCs. i'll do some science, i do also have an osgrid region, i forget what simulator version is running on it atm, but NPCs dont work, butt hey should.


Cnayl Rainbow replied to the topic 'Opensim binaries' in the forum. 17 hours 30 minutes ago

Now there's a question with an answer that probably could be much longer than what I have put here!

The 'official' version of opensim is which you can get from and that, I would suggest, should be set to use X-Engine for scripts and BulletSim for physics. But even that is not really an answer as you need to decide if you will run opensim on your own computer(s) or not. If you want to run on your own systems then you do need to have a good knowledge of networking a competence with computing in general. The Diva distribution ( is a good way to get a working sim up and running if you don't want to set up from the opensimulator install (which requires you really to set up web and database servers).

One thing to note is that if you run the official release version of 0.9.1.x you should really not run the latests release of Firestorm, as that is built for features that don't exist in 0.9.1 !

But another option would be to use the infrastructure of OSGrid (that is how I have the Quintonia regions) - you run the region sim servers on your own hardware but link into the Robust server of OS Grid. And OSGrid suggest using a recent build of the development version (0.9.2) which does fix some known bugs of 0.9.1.x and does also have new features such as EEP and BOM, so you can then use the latest Firestorm viewer. But 0.9.2 is a development version so, in theory, should really only be used for 'testing'!

In all cases though, opensimulator is really something to take as a beta product, and so being able to make and restore backups (either by OAR's and IAR's or by direct database backup and in fact ideally using both techniques) is essential no matter how you have things. If it all seems a bit much then perhaps renting land from someone would be a better option.

On a final note I would say that, just as in real life, sometimes things happen and you may lose stuff - real life farmers have been know to lose entire crops or heard of animals due to diseases and sickness - such is life!


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Fetching Feldspar

Bongmaster created a new topic ' Opensim binaries' in the forum. yesterday

What is the best opensim binaries package to use for farm based sims? preferring stable, with support for NPC and animesh. possibly the new environment stuff too. have tried one or 2, but ended up losing my database through science, so i dont plan on having that happen again XD
any thoughts?


Cnayl Rainbow replied to the topic 'new stock' in the forum. 4 days ago

Running a bit behind on this but it will be available soon!


Cnayl Rainbow replied to the topic 'Stock' in the forum. 4 days ago

That's a bit odd, but I guess does depend on what versions of storage you have in the region. Anyway although I'm a bit behind, with it, the new update should hopefully get it all working together.


Tek gets the rank: Farm hand 4 days ago

Farm hand
Farm hand

I am unable to put the baby into the bed or high chair when I click to move it gives the clothing menu.

Cnayl Rainbow Yes, that is a known issue at the moment. For now, if you press the Interaction button then press the RESET button on that screen it should get things back to working as they should. 4 days ago
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Farm hand
Farm hand

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