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Cnayl Rainbow replied to the topic 'More productive fields' in the forum. 22 minutes ago

Possibly an even easier solution would be to make a 'super crop' e.g. rez the SF Corn item, copy it so you have say four of them, then shift click to select all four and the take that. You can now replace the SF Corn in the field with this one. When harvested you will get four lots of corn in one go. The only thing to be aware of is it takes a few seconds after rezzing until all four items are initialised (showing the float text)


An easier option would be to edit recipes. Instead of a recipe using one full harvest, change it to use 25% or whatever you wish, then you can grow and use less :)


Currently each field yields 1 bucket of it's planted product, what would be the difficulty of a field that would yield say 5 or even 10 buckets making the need for so many fields unnecessary. Say a field that would match the size of 2 or 3 square fields but produce say 10 buckets of corn. That may not be possible...it's just a thought. Some of the role playing "farm" regions also need residential space. Fewer fields would allow for that, for where they would need 10 fields they would need only 1 leaving room for homes and such for their role playing. Again...just a thought.


Love the idea!!! :cheer:


Edibles? I think you mean, not sure if that's not already in the "pot" stuff.


This would go well with the underwater farming.




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