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Quintonia regions are queer friendly virtual worlds. They are a great place to hang out, share, build and enjoy with a strong focus on using the ‘Quintopia’ virtual farming, gardening and life simulation system! You can easily link your avatar from any grid after you register, so you can start enjoying the fun right away!

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Sherley gets the rank: Farm hand 13 hours 40 minutes ago

Farm hand
Farm hand

Farm hand
Farm hand

Emily gets the rank: Green Heart 16 hours 43 minutes ago

Green Heart

Buzzy Cnayl replied to the topic 'SF Mine' in the forum. 18 hours 5 minutes ago

For the same group thing, I noticed recently that some items don't give the message about you not being in the same group, they just 'do nothing' - I have added that to my to fix notes as it can be confusing!


Passion replied to the topic 'Storage : Items under 100' in the forum. yesterday

OH WOW! This is SO good to know! TY BOTH for asking the question & answering it ;)


Passion replied to the topic 'I changed grids....' in the forum. yesterday

I am wondering here River . . . how is your farm coming along on Digiworldz Grid?  I've tried farming on there as well as many others and we were told to take up our farms because they are causing too much lag on the servers . . . & also, I could not use them on the same sim as Noxy's horses because they conflicted with each other . . . this is why I moved my farming over to my OSGrid avy because I have no issues over there & I even got a Contabo server so I can have as many prims & scripts running as I need to . . . I have a 6 X 6 & my farm is HUGE . . . I really hope that you didn't waste your time going over to Digiworldz thinking you were going to be able to farm using the Satyr/Quintonia system . . . after I put all my stuff out and set it up, I didn't even start growing anything or even rez any animals . . . the lag was atrocious over there (Digiworldz).
Hoping this works out for you . . . if it does please let me know . . . ;) Smiles ;)


Passion replied to the topic 'SF Mine' in the forum. yesterday

Just a few thoughts here . . . mistakes that I have made several times . . .
Are you sure they/you are in the same group?
Try relogging.
Are you having any problems with your other products?
Mine is working fine . . . 
If I think of any more ideas or questions I will let you know . . . 
Hope you can get this fixed!



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