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Quintonia regions are queer friendly virtual worlds and part of the OSgrid. They are a great place to hang out, share, build and enjoy with a strong focus on using the ‘Quintopia’ virtual farming, gardening and life simulation system! You can easily link your avatar from any grid after you register, so you can start enjoying the fun right away!

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If that can be, it will be easier for me and others who have an island like mine
I'm waiting for that hud


I wanted to know what recipe i can to do with horn, please
Thanks in advance


Ah, okay. If you edit the config notecard you can adjust the range:

# Scan radius in m (max is 96)
Note that the maximum radius is 96m which is something set by opensim


Hello and welcome! In answer to your questions:
1 - It should work without groups, just have the group set to 'none' for all the farm items and also you will need to switch your active group to be none as well.

2 - Currently the way it works is that animals can be set to move around level, on the ground or on water, and the default for ducks is water. When the animal is not an egg you can set that from the menu, but before then you can edit the an_config notecard and change SURFACE=water to SURFACE=flat or SURFACE=ground
Another way would be to put the duck egg at the edge of some water.

3 - The feeder for pet rocks can be found in the mining box (box 10) as they eat the minerals that you get by mining.


I think I already discovered the problem
My island is 512x512 (2x2m)
And SF Petifier works only up to 270x270m
When you did this launch everything worked fine on my whole island
You must have done some updating on the SF Petifier that stopped working more than 270 meters
Will you be able to solve this problem please


From what I understand today it just doesn't work pet to animal
But as I said at the beginning everything worked well across the island
the settings are the same across the grid


Hi all, I'm new to Quintonia Q2 and I decided to give it a go.

I have a few startup issues though:
1. Error, we are not in the same group
After setting out the basics and rezzing a few animals, and after relogging, clicking any animal gives the "error, we are not in the same group error".
Intentionally I want the farm to be public. How do I do that.
(Secondly, I don't have groups enabled on my region, so I need to bypass this error)

2. Duc Egg --> SF Duck: Help, please put me back on water!
This is an Egg, it should not be on water. IMHO, ducks can be in our out of the water.

3. Pet Rock: Pling, I'm hungry and thirsty!
There is no Rock Feeder in the package. How does one provide feed and water for a petting rock?


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Farm hand

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