Mintor and other regions now at

Quintonia has now moved over to its new home at  so please head over there and log in with the same name and password as you use here.  If you have any problems logging in, please let me know, so I can fix it for you.

Your Quintonia HUD and Exchange will continue to work as normal but the Quintonia website is now mostly shutdown.  At some time, when it looks like everything is working as it should on the new system, I will be shutting down Quintonia completely.  Once that happens, you will still be able to continue using all the SatyrFarm/Quintonia items you currently have, but things that use server functionality such as the HUD and Exchange will no longer function. However, I hope you will have decided to replace those with the new VivoSim replacements, which already offer some great new features with plenty more planned!

As we are all starting on a new journey with VivoSim, I thought it only fair to make sure we are all starting from the same point, and so everyone that already has an avatar linked to Quintonia will also find that same avatar linked to their VivoSim account. The starting point for all users (both transferred over and future sign-ups) will be the following:

500 Vivo's

XP = 5 (Rank is 'Chickling')

provisions:  100 Food, 100 Drink

Your VivoSim and Quintonia coins and XP are separate, so if it saddens you to lose your scores etc you can keep going with the old system, but do be aware at some point you will have to say goodbye to them, so the sooner you get onto the new system the sooner you can start building up your goodies!  That said, the HUD is not quite ready, but hopefully will be available in a day or two. I shall post on the VivoSim website more details soon.

Please do feel free to post any questions, queries, concerns, joys or woes on the forum at VivoSim - I do listen to everything!

Looking forward to welcoming you on the next step of living in our virtual worlds.

Buzzy Cnayl

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