i like your idea of converting and having it able to be traded or sold 2nd hand. you had there
once converted can not go on exchange unless there is a secondhand category is my thought on that.
i should try beta i enjoy being creative when i have teh time i am a otr truck driver
tghe right click idea not so much, it needs to change type of item i think.

in general i would like to do a//// you...


I made a pillow it looks for sf chair,i made a chair on carpentry table,,,it expires in 28 days. the pillow does not find the chair.
there are other things we make that do this as well.

I like the idea of crafting items to use for daily life so the big question is ... how do we make things we crafted to be usable?


Wild Dog gets the rank: Hot Sulfur 3 months ago

Hot Sulfur

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Fetching Feldspar

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Iron Age Wonder

Wild Dog gets the rank: Farm hand 6 months ago

Farm hand
Farm hand






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