As some of you may be aware, there was a recent upgrade of the OpenSimulator software (the system that powers Quintonia and other grids) from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1

So, in numerical terms it’s a small change but in reality it turned out to be orders of magnitude higher than suggested by the version numbers!

The opensim web page states that “OpenSimulator is getting more stable over time but is still a high complex software system that can suffer various bugs and quirks; handle with care! “ and I can testify to how quirky it can be!

My plan was to upgrade the current system to the latest version since I’m a bit of an engineer and do like change when it comes to software! The current system had been working well as far as I was aware, but there was at least one bug in it that affected the land management system I use for property and land rental, and I knew this was fixed in this new update.

So I set off by first creating a test system to check the update would work on that. It mostly worked but I soon found that when I tried to go off to somewhere else outside of Quintonia (via the hypergrid) it failed. Some research and questioning of the dev team showed me that, apparently, what I thought was a fully working system actually wasn’t configured correctly and the only reason it had been working was due to a bug. This “bug as a feature” had been fixed now and hence Quintonia lost contact with the rest of the universe!

This led to some more research around networking and eventually it seemed I had things fixed.

Now the quirkiness of OpenSim starting to shine – with my test set-up working I felt confident to upgrade the live system. Having done so it worked for a bit, then started throwing lots of errors.

It took lots of switching back and forth between testing and live systems before I eventually got it all working. I still feel it was a mix of science and magic that got everything to where it is now!

Having gone through this process and causing disruption to Quintonia, and as Christmas is approaching, I felt called to treat the grid to one further upgrade! This involved moving everything onto new computer hardware. Alas this once more caused issued and regrettably some data got lost in the process.

However, I do feel now we have a decent system running everything and hopefully, quirkiness permitting, Quintonia now has a solid foundation on which to grown and flourish.

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