Although Quintonia is currently 'run' by only one person, it is also very much a 'community ', so as long as you have a little patience and try to always be polite to others, you should generally find it easy to get answers to your questions!   
Please be aware though that nothing is manned '24/7', and we have many members from many different time zones.


  • Forums

This is probably the best way to ask a question. Anyone can post in the forum at although if you have not logged into the website not all topics are available to you.

  • In-world

There is a weekly 'open house' community meeting every Saturday in the Geodome on Mintor that runs from 6pm to 7pm UK time (10am to 11am PST)  You can come along at any time during the hour.   You can also leave a message with the greeter in Mintor welcome area (Mintor is located at  Finally you can try sending a message to cnayl.rainbow (at and/or use the paging systems on Mintor & Aquino (although OpenSimulator messaging is not always the most reliable!)


Quintonia has a server on Discord which you can join via this invite link

Live chat

Once logged into the website there is a live chat facility that you can use to ask questions. Note that the chat is a 'real time' system so your message is only seen by users that are also logged in at the same time you post. 


Social media

Facebook group

Twitter @QuintoniaNet



Please be aware that the IRC channels are not manned 24/7, so there can be periods when a question may not get a response. In this case, we recommend you either ask the question at another time or try the website forums

Quintonia IRC channels are on at  #quintonia

As well as using dedicated IRC clients, you can also use a browser-based "Webchat" facility  #quintonia


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