Quintonia has a currency system (Quinto's) that can be used for buying and selling items using the Quintonia Exchange.  You can also get a daily Quinto bonus by visiting the Quintonia regions.  You can see how many Quinto coins you have using the Quintonia HUD and also from any Quintonia Exchange/Vendor.

Quinto's have no monetary value.


Experience Points (XP)

Your XP level is designed to let others know how 'experienced' a farmer/participant you are. You gain XP by wearing the HUD, activly taking part in discussions etc on the website and by various other means. You XP is shown on your HUD and also displayed to others if you are wearing the Status HUD. You can also see your and other peoples XP levels and activity from the various options on the Members menu.


If you wish to do any testing that involves using/generating Quintos/XP, please let us know before you start testing what your are planning to do, as unusual activity may lead to Quintos/points being removed.


Quintonia status

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