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News and information on updates etc
Change log (36 topics)
39 Topics 38 Replies Buzzy Cnayl's Avatar
Re: Animal script version 5.8 - Interim release
by Buzzy Cnayl
10 Apr 2022 07:48
For issues & problems with using the SatyrFarm Quintonia Edition
141 Topics 519 Replies Buzzy Cnayl's Avatar
Re: How do we . . .
by Buzzy Cnayl
04 Oct 2022 10:07
Questions, answers and discussions around using the the Quintonia version of the Satyr Farm system
61 Topics 198 Replies Wild Dog's Avatar
Re: how do we use crafted items like chair etc
by Wild Dog
04 Oct 2022 02:27
Feel free to add to this wish list of things you would love to see added to the Satyr Farm system...
74 Topics 198 Replies James Bear's Avatar
Hunter or Ranger NPC
by James Bear
10 Jul 2022 20:21
Technical discussions around the Quintonia edition of the Satyr Farm system
Config notecards (4 topics)
19 Topics 53 Replies Wild Dog's Avatar


Extensions and modifications are to the Satyr Farm system satyrfarm.github.io
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