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Tigers, Lions, Leopards dissapearing? 26 Apr 2022 16:13 #1903

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I am having an issue with some of my animals . . . I have Tigers, Lions & Leopards dissapearing . . . I mated them a few times . . . when I came on today, I couldn't find the adult mates to the Tigers, Lions & Leopards . . . and when I went to touch one to get the info from it . . . it dissapreared right before my eyes . . . with a yellow shooting line shooting up to the sky and than it just disappeared on me . . . I'm not having these issues with any of my other animals . . . just those three mentioned above . . .
What should I do about this?
Thank You! ;)
Passion! ;)

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Tigers, Lions, Leopards dissapearing? 27 Apr 2022 07:17 #1904

  • Buzzy Cnayl
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The effect you saw is what happens when you touch a dead animal so somehow those must either have dies or been about to die. I have noticed some animals dying of dehydration and not yet managed to work out why (I'm assuming we are talking about the Q3 pre-release animals) and am looking into that. I hopefully will be back on line in the next few days so will be able to start some proper investigations!

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