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Fishing System upgrade like 7 Seas 03 Mar 2020 15:59 #73

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How are you i'am new to the group just joined. Ty for this web site you put together it is very helpful. I been searching a fishing system like 7 seas for my grid so my family can use. I use to use it in second life and the family loved it. Opensim doesn't have a good one just a plain rod and bucket. i'am interested in a kit that brings A trophy board or display showing the bigist fish caught and winners, fishing chair ,a rod system, fishes you drop in the water,pier a full dock set up. it be nice if it also had where you touch it and can set it up for different holiday seasons. It be nice to have and share please let me know ty for your time have a nice day.

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Fishing System upgrade like 7 Seas 04 Mar 2020 17:55 #74

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Thanks for your suggestion - I've looked at the 7 Seas website and sea it's quite a comprehensive thing! There have been requests for fish to farm so this is certainly a project I have down to do at some time!

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