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Journey into the world of Quintonia by 1,2,3

1 - Create an account.

2 - Configure software to access the worlds.

3 - Learn how to get around and interact with the virtual world.

1 – Create your account

You can register here where you will create an account that allows access to the virtual worlds as well as to this website, so that you can manage your real world and in world information. The website also lets you see events taking place in word, access information about the various locations and also check any messages that may have been sent while you were away.

As part of your registration you also create your “avatar” i.e. the representation of you in the virtual world. You get a choice of three looks but don’t worry, once inside Quintonia there are plenty of chances to change that as often as you wish!

In creating your account, you first fill in the User Registration where you enter a name and username:

name - this is your actual name. It is only used and seen by admin. It may be linked to any financial transactions you make if that functionality is ever added to the website.

username - this is the name you use to login to this website and also the name that shows in the Forums. You can make it the same as your avatar name (see next section) or just use the first part, or make it something else!

The password you enter here will be used both for logging into this website and the virtual world.

You also need to agree to the data and privacy policies which you can read online and also download as a PDF.  As parts of Quintonia are of an adult nature, we ask for your date of birth to verify you are 18 years old or over. This is not shared or visible to anyone else. You will see an 'age' item on profiles in-world, but this relates to your avatar age i.e. how long since you first created an account.

Next you fill in the Quintonia Account details for your avatar. The name you enter here (as first name and last name) is what others will see for your name in-world. You can use the same name here as the username you entered or you can use something entirely different to confuse people!  You can change your avatar name at any time from the website, although it does make things easier for others to recognise you if you don't do this to often!

Now you select one of the available looks for your avatar (currently a choice of three but more may be added in the future). This is to give you an appearance when you first log in and are starting out.  You will soon find that in-world you have total control over your appearance and can switch between clothes, body shapes, sex, and human & non-human as often as you wish!


2 – Get on-line

Now you have an account it's time to get into the virtual world of Quintonia.  Before you do this, you can login to the website and have a browse around, but this isn't required if you are keen to get in-world! You will however have needed to verify the account from the email you should have received after completing the registration.

You will need some software that acts as a virtual world viewer – there several to choose from but this walk-through will use Firestorm which you can download here. It is available for Windows, Mac & Linux. NOTE: There are two main versions available for Mac & Windows, the first one is just for Second Life and won't work with Quintonia. You should download the one under the section 'SL and OpenSim Viewer'.

The virtual worlds that build Quintonia and other places grew out of a virtual world called Second Life, so you will see that as the default when you start the software.

Firestorm comes set up with many different worlds, but as yet Quintonia is not large enough to be one of them so you will need to add it as follows:


From the top left menu called Viewer, select Preferences




then select the OpenSim tab on the left.

Now in the Add new grid section, enter in as shown below, then click on the Apply button and then the OK button

This will add Quintonia so in future you can go directly to it when you start Firestorm.
Hopefully now you will see the Quintonia login screen.

welcome page

The rest of the tutorial uses the default 'skin' but if you prefer a different look you can change that from the Preferences menu (under Viewer) then Skins.  You may find the StarLight skin set to Silver Blue colour scheme has better contrast.

In the Username box, enter Fill in your Avatar name (which may or may not be your user name - sorry for any possible confusion!) and then enter your password (you can select the options to remember your username and also password if you want to do that). In the last box, change it from Last location to Home, as this is your first time logging in. For the second and subsequent logins you can choose to login to your last location.

welcome page

Click the Log in button. On this first login, it may take a little longer to verify things so just contain your excitement a little longer!


Once login is complete you should be standing in the Quintonia Welcome centre and you will hopefully look like the avatar you selected in registration (you may start off as an orange cloud but this should change after a short while).

The welcome area is set as your Home so you can easily get back here using the Home button in Firestorm   Later, as you discover new places, you can move your home to one of those if you prefer.

Note that you will also receive a message about a 'third-party currency portal' which relates to the Gloebit system. You can find more information about that in the FAQ section.



3 – Learning how to get about

If you followed the above information you should now be standing in the welcome tutorial area in a place called Mintor. You can follow the tutorial there by working your way around the numbered boards (and following the green arrows) but before you start, you may wish to adjust some of the settings in the Firestorm viewer as follows.

You will see various buttons at the bottom of your screen along with one on the centre left.  First thing to do is to right mouse click the button with an F (the Facebook button) and select Remove this button. The reason for doing this is simply that linking to Facebook doesn't work for Quintonia (or other virtual worlds based on OpenSimulator). If you use Second Life, it does work there so you may want to keep it, but otherwise it just gets in the way!

You can see on the menu that you can select Icons, text or both so set the way that suits you. As well as having buttons on the bottom, you can also have them on the left and the right and can set the text/icon choice separately for each of those three.  To make a bit more room, you may wish to remove the Chat bubble button as the 'Nearby Chat' button really does the same thing.  For now, that will probably do for buttons, but if you're the sort that likes to play, right click and select the Toolbar buttons... item to see all the available buttons. You can add or remove by dragging to or from that window. 

By default, Firestorm is set to use your arrow keys for movement, but if you prefer to use the WASD keys on your keyboard, you can set that as follows:

From the top menu, select Avatar and then Preferences (if you like shortcut keys, Ctrl-P will also get you there). Next, on the left, select Move & View. From there click on Movement on the top tab. The first three items relate to movement. Select the second one (Pressing letter keys affects movement (i.e. WASD) instead of starting local chat) to use the WASD keys.


Right - now it's time to try out the in-world tutorial. Hopefully you are looking at board number 1 which tells you how to move, however if not, then you can turn around by using the left or right arrow keys to rotate you (or A & D if you set to use WASD above).  Also note that depending upon your graphics hardware in you computer, it may take a little time for everything to appear (often referred to as 'rezzing') the first time you visit a place, so if you can't see words on the board, just wait a little while and hopefully they will appear for you.

If you have any questions setting up or once in-world, do feel free to contact us or look in the forum. We also have an FAQ ("frequently asked questions ") that may assist you.


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