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[ This is a quick guide to connecting. If you prefer more detailed information, you can find it here... ]


Journeying into the world of Quintonia is a two step process:

Create an account.

Configure software to access the worlds.

Step 1 – Create your account

You can register here where you will create an account that is used for logging into this website so that you can manage your real world and in world information. The website also lets you see events taking place in word, access information about the various locations and also check any messages that may have been sent while you were away.

As part of your registration you also create your “avatar” i.e. the representation of you in the virtual world. You get a choice of three looks but don’t worry, once inside Quintonia there are plenty of chances to change that as often as you wish!

In creating your account, you choose a nameusername and  avatar name
- this is your actual name. It is only used and seen by admin.
  username - this is the name you use to login to this website and also the name that shows in the Forums. You can make it the same as your avatar name or just use the first part, or make it something else!
  avatar b - this is the name you use to login to the virtual world and what everyone there will see.

Step 2 – Get on-line

You will need a virtual world viewer – there several to choose from with the most popular being Firestorm & SingularityNOTE: There are two main Firestorm versions available for Mac & Windows, the first one is just for Second Life and won't work with Quintonia. You should download the one under the section 'SL and OpenSim Viewer'.

From there you use the viewers grid manager to add Quintonia – our address is worlds.quintonia.net:8002
You can find information on adding grids on the respective viewer websites plus there is more detailed information for Quintonia here.

When you select Quintonia you should see our welcome screen.

welcome page

Once you have added and saved Quintonia you can log in using the avatar details you created in step one (it’s your avatar name, not your website login name).

For your first log in you will appear at the information centre which is set as your ‘home’.

Start exploring!

If you have any questions setting up or once in-world, do feel free to contact us or look in the forum. We also have an FAQ ("frequently asked questions ") that may assist you.

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