Managing virtual partnerships

The virtual worlds currently only allow a monogamous relationship which can be managed as follows:

  1. To create a partnership, one person logs into the website and goes to their Profile tab in the Manage accounts section.
  2. Then they click on the Send partner request button 
  3. This will bring up a list of their friends (you can only create a partnership with someone you are already friends with).
  4. They then click the Send partner request button next to the name of the person they wish to be in partnership with and confirm.
  5. The user that started the partnership request will now see a Cancel request button that can be used to cancel the request up until the time the other user accepts. 
  6. The user that has been asked to form a partnership will now see the Partnership request button on their Profile tab in the Manage accounts section.
  7. When they click on that buton they will be offered the choice to accept, think about it or say no to the request.
  8. If they accept, the partnership will be seen on both peoples profile page (both on the website and in-world).
  9. Both people will now see the Divorce from partner button should it ever get to that stage!
  10. If either partner selects that button they will be asked if they really wish to and if they say yes, the partnership will end.


Note: Due to the way things work in the virtual world,  it sometimes can take a little while until the in-world profile is updated with the partnership status.

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