Quintonia is a collection of queer friendly virtual worlds  that can be found at worlds.quintonia.net:8002


Mintor - Welcome region, Farm shop, wildlife park, art gallery and more!

Lugo  - Farming land, castle and medieval/old world shops

Julian Beach & Sandy island - Sandbox regions

Aluga - Development area


[G] - General
This is the 'General' rating and regions with this don't contain content or activities that are sexually explicit, violent, or depicts nudity.  General regions are areas where you should feel free to say and do things that you would be comfortable saying and doing in front of your grandmother!

[M] - Moderate
The Moderate designation allows for nudity and general adult type behaviour apart from sexually explicit content.  Note that if an adult region allows for combat type activities, there will be a fixed entry point where information will be available allowing you to find out what the regions is about before you fully enter it.

[A] - Adult
Adult themed regions are, not surprisingly, where all sorts of adult behaviour and content can be found. Quintonia is an LGBTQ+ friendly grid and so you can expect to see many interactions in many combinations! 


Quintonia came about partly from the energies of the Quintasensual festival that I started in 2014 – there were and still are many chats around ways to create a supportive and welcoming queer community, especially when people may be separated by great distances. GayZ - Second lifeI stumbled upon virtual worlds many years ago and have played around on and off, initially creating a gay hangout zone in Second Life and later discovering the joy of being able to run my own worlds through OpenSimulator.  I initially started Quintonia as a grid with the theme "Queer Virtual Worlds" and through that I started tinkering with the SatyrFarm animal system which has grown and evolved and now Quintonia has become my vehicle for developing, expanding and sharing that system. 

Quintonia is an experiment, but then most things are! I look forward to seeing how it develops and welcome all feedback, after all, that’s what community is all about.

Grid stats

Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 16
Today visitors: 17
Visitors (30 Days): 118
Online Now: 2
Hypergriders online: 2






worlds.quintonia.net:8002:Sandy Island

worlds.quintonia.net:8002:Julian Beach

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