What is Satyr Farm Quintonia Edition?

SatyrFarm is a complete farming system for roleplay or just for fun in Opensimulator regions. It contains farm plants, trees, storage, processing machines as well as multiple breedable animals. The Quintonia edition extends that system to include more plants and animals along with more interaction with the HUD

Where can I Get It?

The current release version can be found at the Farm Shop on Mintor,  worlds.quintonia.net:8002

How do I Set up the basics?

Easy! When you get a copy of SatyrFarm, then you can rez the SatyrFarm Platform 1 which have all the basics ready. As a general rule, we suggest that you start growing some crops before growing many animals, otherwise your animals might get really hungry! You should read the quickstart guide for your first steps.

Where do the animals come from?

The package contains the SF Animal Rezzer box, which is used to rez new animals for your farm.

How do I feed the animals?

The animals use various Feeder objects to feed themselves. The feeders are included in the package. Click your animal for the menu then select Info to find out which Feeder to use. Each feeder’s menu lists the foods you can add to it.

My animals are spinning in place

If an animal seems to be spinning in place you can stop it either by selecting Follow me, then Stop, or by selecting Home.

When do animals mate? How do they give milk/wool etc?

Animals typically spend 15% of their lifetime as children with some exceptions. The lifetime of each animal varies but you can check their config notecard (LIFEDAYS variable) for an average. Eggs take a few days to hatch. Adult females can mate via the Mate option in the menu. Mammals will start giving milk after their first child. Some adult animals give wool periodically. You can also use the Info menu to find this information.

How does the Farmer NPC Work?

The Farmer NPC is constantly looking for farm items within range. It will try to get water from a Well and water every plant with <30% water. It will harvest plants and put their harvest in the nearest Storage Rack. When he harvests Potatoes, he will cook slop in the nearest Kitchen, and then put the slop in Fridge. Therefore the NPC can completely sustain your farm, assuming that you have turned AutoFeed On on your feeders.  You can edit the config notecard to adjust what the farmer does for you.

Why doesn’t the Farmer/Cat NPC work in my region

The Farmer and Cat NPC boxes require the following permissions to be allowed in your opensim .ini files:

Allow_osGetNotecard = true
Allow_osMessageObject = true

You need to change these settings or get your sim host to change them for you. The settings can be found either in your OpenSim.ini file (in the same folder where OpenSim.exe is) or in the config-include/osslEnable.ini. You must also have enabled NPCs in your region (Set Enabled = true in the [NPC] section of your OpenSim.ini file). If you use opensim 0.9, you can set these options to PARCEL_GROUP_OWNER instead of "true" which is safer. Important note: In latest version of opensim, the settings for OSSL functions are in the [OSSL] section , NOT in the [XEngine] section where they used to be. When rezzing an NPC , it should appear right in front of the rezzer box. If they are rezzed at the edge of the sim instead, this means you have closed access to your parcel. This will cause the NPC to fail. Please allow access to the parcel (The NPC will use the group of the controller, so can allow group access), and make sure age restriction is off (that setting doesnt seem to work with NPCs). When the farmer NPC starts, he will look for a Well in a range of 90 meters, and complain if it can't find it. NOTICE FOR Discovery Grid users: This grid uses a non-standard opensim, so you have to modify the script inside the NPC farmer rezzer script. Please find this string and remove it: " OS_NPC_NOT_OWNED | OS_NPC_SENSE_AS_AGENT |"

My Farmer NPC does not move

There must be a Well within 90m from him and some farm plants to water. If you are getting script errors or it is not moving, please see the previous question. Why can’t I see the Farmer NPC If the Farmer NPC does not appear in your region, it means its assets are missing from your grid. You can recreate the NPC using the contents of the NPC box. Wear the Smurf avi and the FarmerListener Object, and click “SaveAppearance” to recreate his notecard. You can of use any other avatar apart from the smurf to create any NPC you want. You can also change his name in the ‘config’ notecard.

Can I upgrade my older stuff?

We recommend that you get the newest version for all features to work. Some versions can be upgraded and you will find an updater terminal with update boxes and information at the welcome centre in Mintor.

Is it in Second Life, too?

SatyrFarm is only available in opensim. It makes heavy use of the OSSL functions that are not available in SL. In addition, it is licensed for non-commercial use only, so it is unlikely to appear in SL.








worlds.quintonia.net:8002:Sandy Island

worlds.quintonia.net:8002:Julian Beach

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