How do I communicate with others?

There are various ways you can interact with others:

Typing - You can use the 'chat bar' to type in message that can be heard by those around you. The chat bar allows you to 'Say', 'Whisper' or 'Shout' depending on how far you want your message to travel.  Everyone in hearing distance (you can see this on the minimap) can hear what you say (i.e. see the text you type). If you wish to have a private conversation with someone you can instant message them.  For groups you are in, if you have the correct role in that group, you can start a group chat.

Instant message - You can request an instant message session with people close by if you right mouse click them and select the IM option. You can also use the 'People' option from the Comm menu to select from there. You can have an instant message one to one or invite multiple people to join in. Note that although you may be able to invite the 'Quinbots' they can't actually take part in instant messages.   If you send an instant message to someone offline, they will receive it when they next log in. If they have enabled the option, they will receive an email notification and can also view messages from their web profile page if they have a Quintonia account.

Voice - If a region is voice enabled, you can turn on voice chat which enables you to speak and hear those around you.
Anyone with voice active will have a small white dot over their avatar which shows a radar type animation when they are speaking.

Notecards - You can send a notecard to anyone (in fact you can send any item in your inventory) and use that as a letter, request etc. Just right click the notecard in your inventory and select Share. The receiver will be asked if they wish to accept it (if they are offline, they will be asked next time they log in). Note that you do not get any indication to if someone accepted or declined your notecard offer, so don't assume because you sent it they accepted and read it!  You can also post a notecard into some items around Quintonia (normally they are a red English style post box) to have them picked up by the admin team.

Message takers - in some parts of Quintonia you may come across a note taker.

These allow you to type a message that they will then pass on to the admin team.




Forum - the Quintonia website has a forum where you can post questions, answers and discussions. Some parts of the forum are open to all whilst others are only available once you have logged into the website.

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