Quartz QuinbotQuinbot's & Rainbows

Quinbot - Scattered around the regions of Quintonia, you may come across avatars who show a second name of "Quinbot". These are special Non Player Characters (NPC's), that is, they are not connected to actual real life people but instead are "computer controlled".  Some of these NPC's follow simple tasks to add some interest to an area, others can interact with you, from simple chats to more 'intimate' connections in the adult themed areas!

The process of creating NPC's is a type of cloning (I'm sure there must be a Dolly the sheep NPC somewhere!) which does mean that they can look like anyone or even anything (the horses, cats and dragon in Mintor are all NPC's), so this does mean that, potentially, an NPC might look like an avatar you know - it's easy to find out if it's the clone or real person, just ask them a couple of simple human questions and see how they respond!

Rainbow - All admin and support avatars (real people this time!) have a second name of "Rainbow" to help you identify them.






worlds.quintonia.net:8002:Sandy Island

worlds.quintonia.net:8002:Julian Beach

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