Why use a virtual world?

Here are just a few reasons we feel make getting on-line a great idea.

It’s like Skype but better!

Like Skype (etc) you can use your voice to chat to to others. You can also type at the keyboard. But unlike Skype, you don’t have to worry about people seeing you looking half asleep wearing your dressing gown. With virtual worlds others see you as you want them to, which could be in a dressing gown looking sleepy if you want! But also you can glam up with your best frock or however you want to appear.


Express your emotions

Unlike many other electronic ways to communicate, you can really let others see how you are feeling, through gestures, sounds, actions, appearance and more!


You can let people see you in whatever form you choose.

You have control over your appearance, both bodily and clothes wise. You can change your body anywhere from resplendently rotund to sublimely svelte, adjust your sex, skin, eyes, hair and even switch to something non-human.


Creativity with adjustable physics

Ever wanted to fly through the air or live in a palace floating in the clouds? All this and more is possible in a virtual world. Your imagination really is your limit and if it gets stuck, there are plenty of places and people to inspire you!


Shopping is fun!

Yes, there are lots of places to shop to pick up all sorts of things, and most of them are totally free!



Quintonia - Queer Virtual Worlds

Queer friendly virtual worlds - a great place to hang out, share, build and enjoy.

Click here to find out how to get started!






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