This is a list showing the various ideas that are on the development to-do list for growing and improving the Quintonia SatyrFarm system.


  • Add a Search box on the Buy menu [in beta]
  • Have a description shown for your farm on the exchange [in beta]
  • Version checking so you know you have the latest exchange [in beta]
  • See exchanges on the Quintonia website [in alpha]


  • Option to allow saving and restoring settings
  • Add further (optional) levels such as having to do chores, dealing with pests 


  • Add things to make that you can interact with (such as wearing clothes and jewelry, washing and ironing clothes, sitting on chairs etc)   

Spells and Medicine

  • Add items that let you create medicine & healing spells
  • Add optional system to allow people to interact casting good or troublesome spells on others


  • Create a larder/pantry type item where products that are less than 100% can be saved (and/or have the option in existing storage to allow storing less than 100% items)


  • Modify animal rezzer so you can rez animals directly as 'pets' [in beta]
  • Create various 'creep crawlies' and cave-dwelling animals 
  • Add 'troublesome' animals such as snakes, mice, bugs, rats, spiders, (groundhogs, gophers/moles?) - they all come with living on a farm & add more reality to the farming system as well.
  • Create 'pests' such as greenflies, caterpillars (that can become butterflies) along with ways to control them (natural and chemical). This will be an optional setting.
  • Add Birds (extends walk on to include 'air')
  • Create a 'bulk feeder' that supports many more animals than existing ones.


  • Add fish and other water animals
  • Create an improved fishing system


  • Replace baby with a Quintonia designed one (as suspect current baby is 'acquired' from Second Life!)
  • General improvements to interface and user interface
  • Allow baby to have more than one 'parent' 
  • Allow parents to specify avatars that can be carers for the baby


  • Add a 'by products' feature (for things like leaves, roots etc) [released: Version 4.7]


  • Look at ways to support electrical driven items in 'old world' style farms (such as perhaps adding steam power )

NPC Farmer

  • Allow the NPC farmer to top up animal feeders

Central control

  • To overcome limitations of current updater system (uses llSensor so max 16 items can be updated and range 96m) - will allow updating all items no matter how many/how big the farm
  • Provide a 'storage hub' so you can do things like store in one storage location and then take out from another (even in a different region)
  • Show statistics around your animals, crops etc

YouTube channel

  • Add more videos around developing your own items
  • Add video guides/tutorials

I offer the guides free for all, but also I'm very grateful for those that feel it is worth paying something for.

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