NOTE: Please be aware that deleting your account will delete everything associated with your virtual presence, including your virtual points/currency. If you have a Quinotnia grid account it will also fully deleye all of your inventory. Once done it can not be undone.  See below for other options you may also wish to consider.

Change name

You can change your Avatar name (the name you are seen by in-world) from the website. Select User menu then InWorld account then from the Settings tab you can edit the Avatar first and last names. This takes effect immediately for how you log into the virtual world (using eg Firestorm ) but do note it can take a while for the change to appear to everyone in the virtual world (sometimes several hours).

NOTE: This does not change your website username (how you log in plus how you appear in the Forum) or the real name we have stored for you. You can change these via the User menu then Website account.


Your passwords for your InWorld account and Website account are linked, so changing one will also change the other to keep them both the same.

Put account on hold

If you wish to keep your account (so you do not lose any inventory etc) but wish it to be disabled for any reason, please contact us either in-world or via this website and we will disable it for you until such time as you are reading to come back to Quintonia.

Delete account

We will be sad to see you go, but we understand you may wish to delete your account. Doing so will delete all data and inventory so be sure this is your intent.

To delete your account, from the Profile menu, select GDPR. Then on that page you will see the Data stored by quintonia.net section. Underneath that is the Delete All Accounts button. Click this to get one final reminder/caution about the consequences of deleting your account and from there choose either Close or Delete. Selecting Delete will immediately remove the account, data, inventory etc.






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